Admission and Information Section (AIS)

The AIS  is responsible for reception and secretarial work in addition to following up admission of students. Its functions and duties include the following:

  • Receive telephone calls and respond to the public queries.

  • Receive and supervise the students and assist them.

  • Open channels of communication with students and the public on social networking sites and email  follow-up  in addition to interacting with the public and respond to their queries.

  • Perform office and secretarial work.

  • Electronic Archiving of the graduates files and other deanship files.

  • Preparation of official letters of the Deanship.

  • Follow up the new students’ admission, make lists of accepted and registered students and raise the necessary reports.

  • Follow up the new students’ registration

  • Follow up the transfer and credit hours calculation files

  • Prepare and edit the graduates’ certificates.

  • Open, follow up and edit the new students’ files

  • Assist in registration.