Human Medicine Specialty

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Early in 2018-2019, Human Medicine Program was launched at Palestine Polytechnic University as the first of its kind in the city of Hebron. The program was intended to promote the health and medical education sectors in Palestine in general and in the province in particular. The inception of this pioneering program came in cooperation with the Ministries of Health, Higher Education and Scientific Research. The program’s curriculum has been developed to provide a Doctor of Medicine Degree in total number of (265) Credit Hours. The hours of the graduation plan are distributed in two stages, as shown in the table below, and the duration of each phase shall be three years, as follows:

  • Basic Medical Sciences phase with a total of 134 approved hours, distributed in the first, second and third study years.
  • Clinical Medical Sciences phase with a total of 131 approved hours, distributed in the fourth, fifth and sixth study.


This program aims to deliver advanced clinical and academic training to ensure students are well prepared for the medical profession by:

  • Fostering the spirit of innovation when dealing with problems.
  • Having outstanding skills in conducting and developing scientific research to serve   medical practices.
  • Maintaining a strong Commitment to assure the health of public and health status of individuals.
  • Having the ability to integrate recent technology in the medical field at competitive levels.
  • Committing to implement comprehensive quality standards at national and international levels.
  • Seeking to empower the community with health awareness and with implementing preventive medicine practices.
  • Fostering leadership and team spirit competencies.


  • Governmental institutions and hospitals under the Ministry of Health.
  • Private hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Opening private clinics