About Deanship

The Deanship ofAdmission and Registration (DAR) follows the Vice President for Academic Affairs and is one of the most important departments of the University because of its direct relationship with both the student and the lecturer. The student’s relationship with the university starts from the first day of joining the university and it continues through following up the student’s academic record and the academic system application until graduation and obtaining the graduation documents.

The DAR uses a sophisticated computerized system that covers all its activities with precision, transparency and full central control.  It has a staff of specialists in computer and management to enable them to work smoothly and efficiently.  Furthermore, the DAR plays a vital role in conducting the academic process in a systematic manner according to the applicable laws and regulations and the approved study instructions. From the first day the student’s admission to the university,  his/her academic record is linked to the University's laws and the approved plan for his specialization.  Also, it follows up the students’ academic study and gives them guidance all during their stay at the university.

In addition, the DAR provides the academic colleges with the academic status of the student, as well as following up and organizing the drop-off courses, postponement or withdrawal from study or  the transfer of the university students from one college to another in the University or from  other universities.