Master of Mathematics

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As the number of students at local universities, community colleges, and academic institutions is increasing in Palestine, and as a result of the continuing growth of universities in programs and majors, and in line with the university vision. The need has increased sharply for higher degrees in mathematics. To meet this demand, PPU launched the mathematics master program in the year 2006, to contribute in fostering and promoting this prominent major among Palestinian graduates to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled mathematics teachers and researchers, and to serve related technical fields.

Admission Requirements

  1. Student should have bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (or any related discipline) with cumulative average of good or above or its equivalent.
  2. Fulfilling the English Language requirement by either passing the TOFEL Test or one of the standard international tests, or by studying and passing the course “English for Graduate Students”.

Research Possibilities:

The program provides the right environment in conducting research under the supervision of skilled professors and researchers in the areas of applied, theoretical, and computational mathematics and statistics.

For further information, please feel free to contact:

Dr. Monjed H. M. Samuh

Associate Professor of Statistics

Palestine Polytechnic University

Hebron, Palestine

P. O. Box 198


Web site:


  1. Graduate specialized and skilled academic staff in Mathematics.
  2. Encourage candidates to study at home country while working.
  3. Promote and foster scientific research among university graduates.
  4. Provide the convenience for qualified candidates to study at closer proximity to home.
  5. Qualify students to pursue a PhD in Mathematics, Statistics, or any related field.


  1. تطبيق المعارف في الرياضيات وتطوير مجالات الحياة العلمية والثقافية والفنية.

  2. تحقيق التقدم الاقتصادي والنهوض بالدولة الفلسطينية ومؤسساتها.

  3. إعداد جيل قادر على البحث العلمي لمواكبة التطورات على الصعيد المحلي والدولي.

  4. يفتح هذا البرنامج مجالات عدة في الرياضيات للأبحاث منها: نظرية الزمرة والجبر بشكل عام والرياضيات التطبيقية والتحليل الدالي والتحليل العددي.

  1. Lecturer at universities, community colleges and high schools.
  2. Work at the Directorate of Education in the areas of administration or supervision.
  3. Work at the Central Bureau of Statistics.
  4. The opportunity to pursue his/her Ph.D. degree at international universities.