Master of Mechatronics Engineering

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Mechatronics Engineering is the interdisciplinary field of engineering dealing with the integration of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer programming and control engineering to design and produce precise and intelligent products and processes, which involves a mechanical structure containing actuators to make things move, a microcontroller to control the motion, sensors to allow the microcontroller to monitor the states of the system, and electronics to connect the other parts together.

The increasing demand locally and worldwide for engineers with such integrated knowledge was behind the idea of launching the master of Mechatronics engineering program beside the current Mechatronics bachelor program at Palestine Polytechnic University. The program aims at developing the Palestinian community and enhancing the technical and scientific capabilities of the Palestinian people; it will also focus on the development of the industrial sector and will promote scientific research.

Certainly, enriching the Palestinian society with post graduate scientific capabilities and skills in this field can guarantee applying the interdisciplinary knowledge and modern technology in the local manufacturing industry, products, processes and system design.



Mechatronics graduates will be well prepared to work as:

  • Maintenance, operation and design engineers at industry.

  • Service engineers for mechatronics products

  • Marketing officers for mechatronics products

  • Power plants engineers

  • Control engineers everywhere

  • Quality and safety engineer

  • Management engineers

  • Instructors/ professors at engineering colleagues

  • Researcher in research centers and universities in many different fields such as: Embedded systems, intelligent systems, Robotics, Human-machine interaction, Design of mechatronics equipment, Computer integrated manufacturing.