Master of Science in Physics (M. Sc. in Physics)

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This program will deepen and strengthen the physics knowledge among physicists. And it will educate scientists who are able to apply physics in different sectors. In addition, this program provides advanced education and research opportunities to exceptional students by providing a research environment that fosters collaboration, creative thinking and publishing of findings in nationally and internationally recognized journals. This Master of Science in Physics is a unique program in Palestine; it is the first physics master program in Palestine to contain computational physics as a core module with an additional module on Monte Carlo Methods in its elective. Due to the broad class of problems computational physics deals, it is an essential component of modern research in different areas of physics, namely: accelerator physics, radiation transport, plasma physics, simulating physical systems (using e.g. molecular dynamics), solid state physics, statistical physics, soft condensed matter physics, etc. A field related to computational condensed matter is computational statistical mechanics, which deals with the simulation of models and theories that are difficult to solve otherwise. Computational statistical physics makes heavy use of Monte Carlo-like methods. This program will apply the most advanced physics applications in different areas within the Palestinian community in addition to opening the possibility of working in neighboring countries. This program will provide the community with skilled graduates who are able to work in a broader market than just working as teachers of physics and natural sciences. It is worth to mention that there are no Master programs in Physics to serve the educational need of the growing Southern Area of the West Bank. The Graduates will be able to develop the ability to synthesize and integrate information and ideas. Also, by taking this Master degree it will increase the job opportunities in the universities, high schools, factories, companies and other institutions for our graduate.


Admission Requirements

  1. Candidates for the program require successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in physics, applied physics or a closely-related discipline with cumulative average of good or above or its equivalent.
  2. Fulfilling the English Language requirement by either passing the TOFEL Test or one of the standard international tests, or by studying and passing the course “English for Graduate Students”.
  3. Applicants holding a degree without sufficient concentration in the area of the intended Master's degree, may be required to complete additional courses beyond those outlined as required for degree completion.
  4. The Physics Graduate Admissions Committee will review all applications and recommend admission for a limited number of suitable candidates. Students are normally admitted as full-time students.


Program Axis

  • This Master of Science in Physics program consists of 36 credit hours
  • The program runs over four semesters, i.e. two years.
  • There are two tracks for the program: the thesis track and the comprehensive exam track.
  • The program builds on a foundational set of six core courses (18 credit hours) plus additional electives.


Faculty members

Highly qualified teaching staff with strong teaching and research experience. Assistantship It is expected that a number of teaching assistantships will be granted to students based on academic excellence.


Research Possibilities:

The program provides the right environment in conducting research under the supervision of skilled professors and researchers in the areas of applied, theoretical, and computational physics.


For further information, contact:

Dr. Mustafa Abu Safa, (e-mail:

College of Applied Sciences, (e-mail:

Department of Applied Physics and Mathematics,

Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (e-mail:

Palestine Polytechnic University (

Hebron, Palestine

P. O. Box 198

  1. Graduate specialized and skilled academic staff in Physics.
  2. Encourage candidates to study at home country while working.
  3. Promote and foster scientific research among university graduates.
  4. Qualify students to pursue a PhD in Physics or any related field.
  1. Knowledge and understanding of most fundamental physical laws and principles and competence in the application of these principles to diverse areas of physics.
  2. An ability to solve problems in physics using appropriate mathematical skills and tools.
  3. An ability to execute and analyze critically the results of an experimental investigation or theoretical modeling and to draw valid conclusions with an estimate of the uncertainty in the result. The ability to critically compare experimental results with the predictions of theory.
  4. Knowledge of the fundamental principles and applications of some advanced areas of physics at, the forefront of the discipline.
  5. An ability to use competently computational software in problem solving.
  6. Use computational techniques to describe the physical world, selecting appropriate equations, constructing mathematical models, interpreting results and critically comparing them with observation.
  7. An ability to communicate scientific information especially in the form of clear and accurate scientific reports.
  • This program opens job opportunities for graduates in many sectors and institutions as follows:
  • Government related jobs and ministries including the ministry of education, ministry of health and ministry of energy and the environment.
  • College/University/University Affiliated Research Institutes
  • Elementary, middle and secondary schools
  • Private Sectors including high hi-tech companies, contractors, utilities, and a diverse group of smaller companies either locally or foreign.
  • Research units and centers.
  • Self-employment, such as consultants or tutors.
  • Some of the master graduates may have the opportunity to work in the field of computer programming and information technology.
  • Post-graduate studies for a PhD degree.