PhD Program in Information Technology Engineering

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The PhD program in Information Technology Engineering is a joint program between Palestine Polytechnic University, Al-Quds University, and the Arab American University. The program focuses on the application of engineering methodologies in the various fields of information technology, in addition to the concepts of different computerized systems in the various fields of research to serve and support the different disciplines (Interdisciplinary). This major accommodates master's graduates from the following specializations: Informatics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering and any major close to Information Technology Engineering and related disciplines, noting that the partner universities offer master's programs in informatics and related disciplines for a long time. In addition to the bachelor's programs in the field of information technology, information systems, computer science, computer systems engineering, and it is one of the most important disciplines needed by the local community.

The aim of establishing a PhD program in Information Technology Engineering is in line with the objectives of the Faculties of Information Technology and Engineering in partner universities, which includes preparing and graduating researchers needed for the advancement of scientific research in the fields related to the specializations of computer, information technology and related matters. In addition, the establishment of the PhD programs aims at establishing research groups capable of providing effective solutions in the mentioned aspects. Thus, these research groups are an incubator for the researcher in the doctoral program.






  1. Enabling the PhD researcher to conduct independent scientific research.
  2. Preparing a national program with the participation of three national universities distributed geographically all over the country in the field of computer science, engineering and information technology
  3. Preparing specialized scientists and research staff qualified to meet the needs of society and transfer knowledge and experience in advanced areas of computer science in the industrial and academic sectors.
  4. Enhancing the concept of scientific research and the quality of the outputs by contributing to enriching knowledge in all its branches through specialized studies and serious research to reach innovative and applied solutions.
  5. Working to promote cooperation with some specialized companies inside and outside the country in order to deal with engineering and computer problems over the years to find solutions to those problems.
  6. Finding solutions to programming dilemmas in the private sector and government institutions by providing a high level of applied and engineering research.
  7. Providing the opportunity for distinguished students with a master’s degree to pursue their higher studies at their home country.


On completion of the PhD program in Information Technology Engineering, a student is expected to have the following skills and experience:

  1. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of his field of specialization in Information Technology Engineering, and an in-depth knowledge of his specific specialization.
  2. Mastering basic knowledge in many specialized areas of research and substantial experience in at least one research area in computer-related fields.
  3. The ability to apply reasoning, critical analysis, problem-solving, application of relevant research methodology, technical skills to solve problems with minimal guidance, and to conduct independent and innovative research.
  4. The ability to communicate and highlight concepts and results in the form of scientific papers in conferences, journals, and / or oral presentations.


  • Work as faculty members in higher education institutions
  • Work as researchers specializing in institutions of higher education and research and development institutions
  • Work in leadership roles in the fields of information technology in government and private sector institutions