Furniture and Decoration Design

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Considering the effort to advance and improve the field of furniture and decoration design and address the demands of the local market by identifying experts with a strong educational foundation, the furniture and decoration design program was established. Its purpose is to cater to the local market's demand for professionals in the field of furniture and decoration design. This initiative takes into account the advancements in furniture and decoration worldwide, particularly in utilizing modern technology and advanced industrial methods to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of furniture and interior space decoration. The ultimate goal is to provide users with the highest levels of physical and spatial comfort.


  1. Establishing a connection between the scientific and practical aspects of the furniture and decoration industry to improve quality and increase production.
  2. Offering innovative solutions and staying up-to-date with technological advancements in the furniture, decoration, and raw materials sectors in order to achieve contemporary designs.
  3. Training local professionals capable of utilizing furniture and decoration design technology in collaboration with experts in the field, thereby promoting reliance on locally manufactured products.
  4. Establishing a link between the profession of furniture design and decoration and its societal impact, particularly in terms of enhancing human comfort and well-being.
  5. Providing practical solutions that enhance the management of internal environments and facilitate understanding of the relationship between individuals, their work, and their physical spaces.


  1. Employment in office settings and interior design firms.
  2. Opportunities in companies and factories involved in the production of furniture and decorative items.
  3. Engaging in furniture and decoration design projects for institutions, ministries, and municipalities.
  4. Teaching positions in vocational schools.
  5. Working in vocational training centers to educate skilled workers in this industry.
  6. Creating and marketing specific furniture and decoration products locally.
  7. Developing templates and digital models related to crafts in this field.
  8. Collaborating with professionals in carpentry, ceramics factories, embroidery, straw workshops, and other crafts associated with furniture and decoration projects.