Architectural Engineering

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The tremendous development witnessed by the cities of the West Bank at the present time has created an urgent need for the presence of a technical staff to master the understanding and drawing of various architectural and construction designs and their output. This technician is actually the link between the engineer and the project executor which will lead to facilitating and accelerating the construction process.

This specialization aims to provide students with various technical skills in the field of architectural drawing and design. It also equips the students with the necessary skills to practice architectural, building and computer drawing.

The graduate should be able to:
  • Perform the tasks and the activities assigned to him in the engineering offices.
  • Prepare different architectural drawings.
  • Manage projects and supervise on sites.
  • Use the skills learnt in the different computer applications in the field of architecture
  • Communicate with different groups and work under pressure.
  • Working in architectural and civil engineering offices
  • Assistant architectural technician.
  • Teaching an art course at the governmental schools.