Computer Network and Internet Systems

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This program aims to equip students with scientific and technical skills in the field of computer networks, in order to contribute to the growth and development of the Palestinian economy, as well as to meet the needs of the industrial and service sectors with qualified personnel. Through this program, students will be able to perform tasks such as building and maintaining computer networks, keeping up with the rapid developments in the field of computer networks, including wired and wireless networks and internet-based communication like VOIP. Students will also gain the practical skills necessary to build a comprehensive local network, develop security policies related to it, manage it, and connect it to the global network. The Palestine Polytechnic University has taken a leading position in the field of computer network and information technology, particularly since it has been selected as a center for teaching CISCO and MCITP programs in the southern region of Palestine. The duration of this program is two academic years, consisting of [73] accredited hours.


The goal of this program is to prepare students for jobs related to computer networks and the internet. This class teaches about different aspects of networking, including programming, building wired and wireless networks, and maintaining them. As well as managing and protecting local wide-area networks and dealing with various types of well-known operating systems.


  • mastering the effective installation and maintenance of computer networks, as well as connecting devices using various types of network connections.
  • Dealing with wired and wireless networks, how to build and develop them, and connecting them with other networks.
  • Managing networks and controlling them using various well-known operating systems
  • Knowledge of modern network systems, their differences, and how to deal with them and their applications in the job market
  • Knowledge in designing web pages, linking them to databases, and controlling them by understanding programming languages, whether structural or object-oriented.


  • Computer networks maintenance and management in public or private institutions.
  • Supervisor networks in public and private organizations.
  • Network, database and wireless administrator.
  • Security systems maintenance and installation for companies and houses.
  • Self-employment through establishing a private project.