Mobile Application Programming

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Many studies have shown the need for a technical program in the field of smartphone applications and maintenance to serve local and global communities. As part of its policy of keeping pace with all developments and the needs of the job market, the College of Applied Professions, in partnership with many consultants and experts in the industry, has developed the curriculum for this specialization.


This specialization aims to provide graduates capable of meeting the local market needs of smartphone applications, maintaining and diagnosing their failures, preparing professional developers in smartphone application programming and maintenance, and teaching techniques used in application production in both types: Native and Hybrid. Mastering the development and programming of application-related server software and what is known as backend, and providing students with self-employment skills and customer networking using Freelancing platforms.


Upon completing this specialization, the student will acquire the following skills:

  1. Design and develop software applications specifically for smartphones using multiple programming languages.
  2. Learn the concepts of developing smartphone applications.
  3. Develop applications for both Android and iOS devices, test them, and verify their effectiveness before releasing them to users.


  • Smartphone application development companies and technologies
  • Companies designing and developing web services related to smartphone applications
  • Freelancing
  • Smartphone maintenance workshops
  • Private and governmental institutions and teaching in the field of specialization E-marketing.