Programming of Computer Applications and Web Pages

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Due to the rapid progress in the use of computers as a primary means of exchanging information in scientific, cultural, commercial, and other fields, it is a modern specialization that meets all these needs, especially since the internet has become a major role in the development of society in all sectors. The specialization was designed to enable the student to possess the skills related to the preparation and design of pages, advanced programming languages, and training on modern applications for designing web pages.


Graduating outstanding students in the design and development of fixed, interactive, technically and functionally advanced websites.
Providing students with the methods necessary for effective handling of the computer and its various core software, mastery of the use of modern programming languages specialized in web programming, management of different operating systems and networks for hosting and protecting sites, methods for developing and linking sites to diverse database systems, interaction and integration with the labor market.


  • Ability to use UI and UX through available technologies and software.
  • Developing software and web pages using the latest technologies currently available.
  • Building websites using open-source content management systems (CMS).
  • Testing the main databases and web servers to ensure that the produced pages are running optimally.
  • Communicates and collaborates with others and knows how to write a resume and market their computer skills and abilities.


  • Companies with special systems or pages.
  • Self-inflicted freelance.
  • Web design and hosting centers.
  • Newspaper and magazine offices.
  • Service and vocational training centers.
  • E-commerce.
  • Advertising, visual and audio information centers.
  • Public and private educational centers at different, basic and higher levels.