Industrial Product Design

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The importance of introducing a specialization in industrial product design is vital in the need for technicians capable of analyzing, modeling and simulating industrial designs to ensure product effectiveness and industrial process efficiency; achieving sustainability of industrial products by providing time and effort savings and increasing environmental considerations in manufacturing. The ability to skillfully interact with various computer programs in industrial product design and product file editing further enhances the graduates’ skills in being able to interact with various industrial fields such as metal, plastic and wood sectors as part of an integral manufacturing cycle that begins with the idea and industrial product design. It also equips graduates with the capability to apply best design standards with an understanding of how to utilize available resources to achieve competitive local and regional industrial products.


The aim of the program is to equip the student with the scientific, technical and knowledge skills necessary to apply the following requirements:

The program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop their skills and demonstrate the necessary knowledge in topics related to computer-aided design and also to enhance their technical and artistic skills to qualify them professionally to work as competent professionals in this field. Upon completing the requirements for graduation, it is expected that the student will have the following qualifications: