Surveying and Geomatics Engineering

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The second paradigm shift in the civil engineering department programs was in 1998, with the launch of a unique specialization at the level of local universities, which is a Bachelor’s program in Civil Engineering "Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Branch", in which the student is introduced to the scientific and engineering foundations of this field and the modern techniques applied in this field. The study in this program extends for five years. After graduation, the graduate is classified in the Syndicate of Engineers as a civil engineer with a specialization in surveying and the possibility for the graduate to obtain a licensed surveyor from the Department of Lands and Surveys of the State of Palestine which enables him to issue and prepare all kinds of different survey maps.
  • Dealing with Land registration and parcellation and follow up in local official departments.
  • Execution of field works design and supervision work for roads projects and all infrastructure projects.
  • The use of modern methods in determining locations using satellites "GNSS"
  • Preparing maps from aerial photographs and using GIS techniques.
  • Using Drones for preparing maps.
  • Analyze satellite imagery using remote sensing techniques.
  • Quantities calculations for all civil engineering works.
  •  Ability to design storm water and sewage networks.
  • Civil engineering structural design works.


  • Dealing with all types of surveying and Geomatics equipment.
  • Meet the market need of engineers who are able to build maps using modern scientific methods such as aerial photography, remote sensing, global positioning system.
  • Meet the market need to implement Land registration and parcellation projects and road projects, which are considered as an urgent need in Palestine.
  • prepare an outstanding students and researchers in the field of surveying and geomatics engineering with ability to pursue their higher education.


  1. Municipalities /Engineering Departments.
  2. The various ministries, especially the Ministry of labor and Housing, Local Government, and Transportation.
  3. Land and Water Settlement commission.
  4. Engineering and consulting offices.
  5. Contracting companies and implementation of infrastructure projects.
  6. Department of Lands Surveying.
  7. The Central Bureau of Statistics in the field of geographic information systems and map processing.
  8. Private work in the field of Surveying and Geomatics Engineering.