Renewable Energy Engineering

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Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering (BSREE) is a program designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of designing, promoting, and implementing engineering in the rapidly changing industries of renewable energy resources. These resources include; solar thermal collectors, photovoltaics, geothermal resources, hydropower, wind, biofuels and biomass. The program built on a solid foundation in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communications sciences. Added to this foundation are courses in electrical and mechanical engineering that establish a solid understanding of the fundamentals of energy and renewable resources such as applied mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, materials and circuit analysis, industrial electronics and control systems.

  • Providing engineers who are scientifically, culturally and ethically qualified to play a major role in raising the national social and technical level.
  • Provide graduates with advanced knowledge of the latest technologies for renewable energy generation. These technologies include solar cells, wind energy, biofuels, biomass, and natural gas.
  • Providing graduates with three basic pillars: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, economic and administrative knowledge. This program prepares students to work on any project related to storage, transportation, control, and renewable energy generation.
  • Providing rare job opportunities for students of renewable energy engineering in several specialized tracks: renewable energy sources, renewable energy systems, energy transmission and distribution, renewable energy economics, SCADA and industrial networks, and energy conservation.
  • Qualifying students with the necessary skills to implement projects within a competent and homogeneous work team.
  • Providing students with the necessary skills for communication, self-development and scientific research.
  1. committed to social, cultural, global, environmental, professional, and ethical responsibilities required for sustainable development;
  2. capable to apply effective, creative and innovative solutions, both individually and cooperatively, to current and future mechanical and automotive engineering problems;
  3. capable to use knowledge of basic science, engineering fundamentals, research skills, technical competence, and communication skills in problem identification, formulation and solution;
  4. capable to analyze, synthesize, and maintain state-of the-art automotive systems using proper principles and tools in a planned and timely manner;
  5. capable to undertake lifelong learning and to take a leadership role in the community.
  • Mechanical engineering fields
  • Biofuels, wind and solar energy projects
  • Private companies, factories and government institutions.
  • Solar modules / solar thermal energy projects.
  • Energy and electricity companies
  • Consulting and engineering project management
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Scientific research