Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

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A BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is a four-year degree in nursing that consists of 136 accredited hours related to nursing courses and others. The program involves both coursework and clinical practice. The mission of this program is to improve the public health in the community by empowering it with qualified nursing staff   who acquired the basic skills of scientific research so as to provide safe and effective nursing care to Public and private health sectors in Palestinian community.


  1. Implementing pedagogical methodologies that meet the international standards by providing students with contemporary teaching trends that integrate theory into practice.
  2. Contributing to sustainable development in the community by developing and increasing the effectiveness of health institutions.
  3. Providing the community with qualified staff capable of building and developing its institutions and eligible of being active participants in various accomplishments.
  4. Empowering the community with qualified staff capable of confronting contemporary challenges relevant to the field.
  5. Contributing to enhance effective and comprehensive communication between higher education institutions and the different sectors of the local community.
  6.  Contributing to the achievement of the development vision at the college and university levels.


After the completion of the graduation plan, a BSN graduate is supposed to obtain:

  1. Acquisition of knowledge, abilities and skills essential to work independently in health care centers.
  2. The ability to develop and build good relationships with co-workers as well as with patients and their families in a manner that shows an ethical and holistic attitude.
  3. Acquisition of knowledge about the surrounding social conditions that affect the health status at individual and social level.
  4. nitiative and leadership spirit in exploring the solutions for incidental problems through systematic scientific research methods.
  5. Acquisition of knowledge about the economy and health-care organizations.
  6. Acquisition of knowledge and skills related to leadership, planning and coordination.
  7. The ability to develop professionalism, such as team work and dealing with colleagues in diverse fields.
  8. The ability to communicate and educate patients and their families.



There are a number of nursing positions in different health facilities inside and outside the country

  1. Therapeutic and rehabilitation sectors /hospitals of all sectors and different specialties.
  2. Maternal and Child Care services.
  3. Specialized Family Planning Services.
  4. Training and Education Centers for Health.
  5. Scientific Research Centers.
  6. Educational sector such as nursing colleges and technical institutes of nursing.
  7. Starting a Home Nursing Business.