Business Technology

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The "Business Technology" program integrates key programs such as Business Administration, Information Technology, Information Systems, E-marketing, and Multimedia.This multidisciplinary program seamlessly blends advanced technological methods with hands-on management experiences. Its primary goal is to equip students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of various Palestinian sectors.

This program incorporates real-world applications into the learning and teaching process. This approach ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in theoretical concepts but also adept at applying their knowledge in practical scenarios.

Program Areas:

  1. Provide the Palestinian and global labor markets with highly qualified graduates capable of spearheading digital transformation in the business realm.
  2. Foster the development of diverse sectors in Palestine, enabling their integration and competitiveness in the global market.
  3. Form a foundational hub for research and consulting in the field of business technology, contributing to advancements and insights.
  4. Contribute to the establishment of digital service companies to alleviate unemployment and boost the national product.
  5. Establish connections with international and local institutions engaged in business technology services, fostering communication, and enhancing collaboration between higher education institutions and the local community across various sectors.
  6. Apply educational methodologies that adhere to international standards, employing modern teaching methods that integrate theoretical lectures with practical, real-world applications.
  7. Practice problem-solving by addressing local challenges, focusing on urgent local needs.

Program Features

The Business Technology program stands as the first comprehensive bachelor's program in its field, uniquely positioned as the sole national-level program aligned with the directives of His Excellency, Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh. It actively supports the imperative of enhancing technical inclusion in Palestine. The program is designed in harmony with global trends, particularly in response to the globalization and flourishing business technology market. The program plays a crucial role in advancing technical inclusion within Palestine, contributing to the nation's overall technological progress. Recognizing the fast-paced growth of the business technology sector globally, the program capitalizes on this trend, providing students with diverse job opportunities. As technology continues to advance across various fields, the demand for skilled professionals in business technology remains consistently high.

  1. Introduce students to fundamental theoretical and applied concepts in business technology.
  2. Equip students with cutting-edge, creative, and modern technological skills, empowering them to contribute to the advancement of Palestinian sectors. This enhancement will significantly boost the competitiveness of these sectors on a global scale.
  3. Enable students to identify crucial local needs by integrating them into the labor market through cooperative and vocational education programs. This approach ensures a practical understanding of industry requirements and fosters a seamless transition from academia to professional settings.
  4. Strengthen the interaction between academic staff and local community institutions to elevate community service in the field of business technology to global standards. Facilitate coordination and networking among local institutions to conduct activities aimed at developing the financial services sector.
  5. Offer consulting and management technology services to relevant organizations and institutions.
  6. Conduct high-quality scientific research and studies in the field of business technology.
  7. Increase awareness in the labor market regarding the significance and role of business technology. Achieve this by organizing forums, conferences, and scientific lectures.
  8. Prepare students for postgraduate studies, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue advanced academic paths.
  1. Demonstrate a foundational understanding and application of accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing concepts and theories in practical scenarios.
  2. Attain proficiency in various digital technologies, including cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  3. Implement technological solutions using programming languages such as Python, multiple website development languages, and database technology.
  4. Understand and execute data analysis and interpretation using tools and techniques such as statistical analysis and predictive modeling.
  5. Demonstrate the capability to develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Integrate all elements of the marketing mix, segmentation strategies, positioning, and other critical components.
  6. Develop and implement effective digital business strategies.
  7. Utilize basic graphic design tools and multimedia software.
  8. Exhibit strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  1. Strategic Analysis and Consulting: Business technology graduates can excel as strategic consultants, leveraging analytical and managerial skills to offer valuable insights and enhance business performance through informed decision-making using modern technological solutions.
  2. Digital Marketing: Graduates can pursue careers in digital marketing, overseeing digital advertising campaigns, analyzing customer data, and enhancing user experiences to achieve company goals and objectives.
  3. Marketing and Public Relations: Business technology graduates are well-suited for roles in marketing and public relations, utilizing their skills in market analysis, audience targeting, implementing marketing campaigns, and managing client and media relationships.
  4. Supply Chain Management: Graduates can contribute to supply chain management, addressing supply and demand challenges by applying their technical skills to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain.
  5. Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence: Graduates can specialize in data analysis and artificial intelligence, utilizing modern technologies to analyze vast datasets and extract valuable information for strategic decision-making.
  6. Software Development: Business technology graduates can pursue careers in software development, creating custom software solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of companies.
  7. Technology Consulting: Graduates can serve as technology consultants, guiding companies in the effective utilization of technology and artificial intelligence for both administrative and strategic business development.
  8. Entrepreneurship: Business technology graduates have the opportunity to embark on entrepreneurial journeys, using their knowledge and skills in business management to develop innovative ideas and establish and grow their own startups.