Digital Media

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Given the widespread use of social media platforms, a digital media specialization is regarded as one of the more crucial majors. It is based on a new curriculum that aims to give students a variety of skills by embracing the idea of fieldwork as a novel strategy in the area of technology-based media. As the main objective is to graduate a pioneering media student, the program specifically focuses on giving students the abilities to work independently.


This specialization aims at:

  • Training of digital media graduates. 
  • Preparing graduates capable of leading the digital media of local institutions, and various media.
  • Graduating specialists able to deal with information technology-related developments and the Internet.
  • Building an integrated professional media personality in digital media management.
  • Preparing graduates to work in many different relevant fields and providing them with scientific and practical knowledge to participate in the building and development of society by applying the foundations of professional information work.
  • Satisfying the needs of the local market in the digital media aspect and the information technology associated with the Internet.


After studying this program, the student will be able to:

  • Create an independent entrepreneurial project. also produce journalistic materials that support it in various forms of multimedia.
  •  Journalistic writing in various forms of art and different media Express oneself while being aware of the Palestinian media environment.
  •  Familiarity with the techniques of photojournalism, journalism, radio, and television.


  • Satellite and terrestrial channels.
  • Local and global news agencies.
  • Design and manage information content through digital media.
  • Leading marketing campaigns through digital media. Work in local service, commodity and cultural institutions.
  • Private and leading companies.