Educational Qualification Diploma\ Science

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Based on the vision of Palestine Polytechnic University and in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Education in preparing and rehabilitating male and female teachers from the scientific and behavioral aspects so that they are able to lead educational / learning situations in the schools of the Palestinian community by building conscious generations capable of constructive criticism and scientific creativity, and the university desires to to assist large sectors of its graduates who wish to work in the ministry, the university has prepared a special program for educational qualification called the "Educational Qualification Diploma".

  1. Qualifying male and female teachers with scientific competence in their various specializations.
  2. Enhancing their ability to employ the concepts of education in the field.
  1. Employing modern educational trends in teaching and learning methods and techniques.
  2. Feminizing all the elements of educational situations / instruction from the curriculum and its elements, and planning methods and evaluation.
  3. Achieving integration between theory and practice.
  4. Employing information and communication technology in the teaching and learning process, and awareness of learners' rights.

Working as science and mathematics teachers in the governmental and private sectors, UNRWA, private institutions, education centers, and kindergartens.