College of Humanities and Educational Sciences

Furniture and Decoration Design

Considering the effort to advance and improve the field of furniture and decoration design and address the demands of the local market by identifying experts with a strong educational foundation, the furniture and decoration design program was established. Its purpose is to cater to the local market's demand for professionals in the field of furniture and decoration design.

Applied Sociology (under accreditation)

The Applied Sociology program presents a pioneering and unconventional model in its design and implementation by focusing on four main tracks: Employing the critical sociological imagination to understand contemporary social phenomena and problems, developing students’ practical cognitive abilities in conducting research and evaluating policies effectively in various social and organizational environments, Practical employment in the field of understanding social problems, especially crime, violence, and social deprivation.

Educational Qualification Diploma\ Science

Based on the vision of Palestine Polytechnic University and in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Education in preparing and rehabilitating male and female teachers from the scientific and behavioral aspects so that they are able to lead educational / learning situations in the schools of the Palestinian community by building conscious generations capable of constructive criticism and scientific creativity, and the university desires to to assist large sectors of its graduates who wish to work in the ministry, the university has prepared a special program for educa

Applied Psychology

This discipline is interested in the practical study of human behavior and human personality. Also, it works to apply theories, rules, and principles of psychology to any topic of human behavior and its various activities. Applied psychology consists of using the knowledge obtained and methods developed by basic psychology to solve everyday problems, increase the quality of life or prepare groups of people work more conveniently.

English Language and Public Relations

English language is crucial to keep pace with the rapid development in all areas of life. It opens up a variety of job opportunities. This program qualifies the students to excel in several work fields; such as the field of English language teaching (with the possibility of obtaining educational qualification diploma in conjunction with completing graduation requirements), the field of translation, and the field of public relations.

The Kindergarten Program

The kindergarten program is one of the most important programs that work on developing society by developing the individuals and enabling them to solve problems facing their societies in creative and scientific ways. Since the evolution of the nations is measured by their progress in the educational aspect, this program aims to put our country at the forefront of countries by teaching our students how to deal with children in ways that are based on cognitive, psychological, and social aspects.