Contemporary Business Administration

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The business administration program holds significant importance in today's world as organizations heavily rely on it to fulfill their tasks and achieve their objectives.

The Contemporary Business Administration program offered by the college focuses on equipping students with essential administrative skills and practical applications. This enables them to excel in management roles, devise innovative solutions for emerging administrative challenges faced by businesses, and effectively collaborate within teams.

The program hones students' proficiency in various administrative areas such as marketing, purchasing, production, people management, accounting and finance. Additionally, it cultivates their ability to analyze and stay updated with the latest developments in the business landscape, while also emphasizing the acquisition of computer skills. The major also promotes creativity, innovation, and clarity in envisioning the future, while upholding ethical values and fostering a sense of responsibility.


The goals of the Contemporary Business Administration major are as follows:

  1. Providing the business community with competent individuals who possess the necessary administrative knowledge and skills.
  2. Emphasizing practical applications in the field of contemporary business administration.
  3. Enhancing the ability of students to devise creative solutions for the challenges faced by business organizations.
  4. Integrating technology into business practices.
  5. Developing students' analytical and decision-making abilities.

Graduates of this program can pursue careers in the following areas:

  • International institutions and non-profit organizations.
  • Government institutions and ministries.
  • Financial services sector, including banks, insurance companies, lending institutions, and others.
  • Commercial, industrial, and construction companies.
  • Education and higher education institutions.

In addition, graduates have the opportunity to establish and manage their own business ventures in the local market.