Applied Physics/ Minor Electronics

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With significant advancements in science and the widespread use of electronic devices in various institutions, factories, companies, and homes, the specialized graduates of this program are well-equipped to handle these technological developments. Apart from teaching physics, these graduates excel in supervising, maintaining, and advancing equipment within educational and medical laboratories.


  • Meeting the demand for physics specialists in both the public and private sectors of the labor market.
  • Fulfilling the need for qualified physics teachers in public and private schools.
  • Creating job opportunities for graduates in factories and hospitals, as their studies are relevant to medical physics (radiology) and optical physics.
  • Providing the market with exceptional physics specialists capable of overseeing, maintaining, and operating devices in educational and medical institutions' laboratories.


Graduates of this program have a wide range of career opportunities, including:

  • Teaching at schools of all levels.
  • Employment in research centers and various institutions as physics specialists with a scientific background in electronics and optics.
  • Opportunities in official, scientific, and research institutions, such as factories and hospitals.