Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

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Medical imaging and nuclear medicine are one of the most important pillars of the diagnostic and therapeutic medical process. The medical imaging and nuclear medicine technician uses advanced equipment such as x-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and radioisotope imaging to help diagnose the patient's condition as an introduction to treatment

  1. Graduating positive Palestinian technicians in medical imaging and nuclear medicine with high professional ethics and high human values.
  2. Graduating from a distinguished supportive health science staff capable of working within a medical team and enduring difficult circumstances.
  3. Graduation of medical imaging technicians with a high academic level and outstanding practical skills.
  4. Develop students' knowledge and skills in the various medical imaging specializations.
  5. Stimulating the students' desire to obtain high academic degrees.


After the student completes four academic years, he will be scientifically qualified and well trained to work in the relevant sectors in the medical imaging departments in hospitals and various medical centers. In addition to graduating qualified specialists with the knowledge and skills that enable them to efficiently deal with radiology and medical imaging equipment and to perform radiological examinations of all kinds.

  1. Medical field: a general medical imaging technician or a specialist in one of the following fields (magnetic resonance, computed tomography, television ultrasound, cardiac catheterization, and nuclear medicine) in medical imaging departments in hospitals and medical centers.
  2. Work in private radiology centers that provide medical imaging services
  3. Industry: companies producing and distributing medical imaging devices
  4. Academic field: Universities and colleges
  5. Health research centers
  6. Specialized centers for radiation protection
  7. Ministry of Health.