Applied Mathematics - Minor Applied Statistics and Data Analysis

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In alignment with the vision of Palestinian higher education to meet the evolving needs of society and the local and regional markets, and in response to the advancements in both governmental and private institutions, as well as the growth of the private sector and its enterprises, there is an increased demand for scientific planning utilizing modern tools. This necessitates the collection and analysis of information through scientifically sound methods to understand the current reality, derive insights, and make informed predictions. In light of these trends, the College of Applied Sciences addressed this need by launching a program focused on applied statistics and data science – an important program in various sectors, serving as a crucial element in administrative and institutional work irrespective of the specific field.

Statistics is a discipline that instructs students on how to study and analyze data accurately and systematically in an academic manner. It teaches them the methodologies of sampling and modeling, with the ultimate goal being to make informed decisions.

This program plays a significant role across all fields. Fundamentally grounded in the use of mathematics and data, it enables the determination of the probability of future events. For instance, collecting and analyzing accurate data provides a simplified outlook on upcoming weather conditions that is easily comprehensible to everyone. Statisticians contribute substantially to medical research by assisting scientists in evaluating the effectiveness of new drugs against diseases. Moreover, specialists delve into the economic and marketing aspects of companies and factories, providing insights and recommendations to decision-makers with the goal of enhancing profits and customer satisfaction. In essence, statistics is a science that guides individuals in making informed decisions, regardless of their specific professional domain.

Program Message:

Our program is dedicated to meeting the needs of the local and regional community by producing skilled professionals in statistics and statistical analysis. Our graduates are equipped to bring about positive change in human development, environmental impact, and economic growth.



  1. Contribute to realizing the university's vision and mission.
  2. Serve the local community by producing well-qualified professionals in the field of applied statistics.
  3. Foster communication and integration between the university and the local community.
  4. Expand opportunities for Tawjihi graduates to pursue advanced studies.
  5. Contribute to sustainable development within society.
  6. Educate Palestinian society about the significance of statistics.


    • Ministry of Education (Education and Administration)
    • Governmental institutions (Ministries and Hospitals)
    • Civil institutions (Municipalities and Associations)
    • Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
    • Research Centers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions
    • Stock Exchange, Financial and Economic Analysis
    • Research and Scientific Institutions
    • Senior Administrative Centers
    • Opinion Polling Centers