Admissions and Inquiries Section (AIS)

The Admissions and Inquiries Department performs reception and secretarial work, in addition to following up on admission and enrollment processes. The department’s responsibilities can be summarized in the following:
  • Receiving telephone calls and respond to public inquiries.
  • Receiving the students and other auditors, guiding them and providing them with assistance.
  • Opening channels of communication with students and the community on social networking sites and e-mail, following them up, interacting with the community and responding to their inquiries.
  • Managing the office and secretarial work.
  • Archiving the files of graduate students and the files of the Deanship electronically.
  • Releasing declarations and statements issued by the Deanship.
  • Enrolling the new students, issuing the lists of accepted students and submitting all necessary reports.
  • Proccing the registration of new students.
  • Managing academic transfer interactions and maintaining calculated credit hours records.
  • Processing, editing and proofing graduates' certificates.
  • Managing and processing the files of new students.
  • Supporting the registration department.