Healthy and Therapeutic Nutrition

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Nutrition science is one of the most important health sciences that recently received much attention for the significant impact it has on human life at various stages.

In 2015, Therapeutic Nutrition Program was launched in order to enroll the students who have special interests in nutrition and health sciences, and look forward to serving the community in the areas of Disease Prevention and empowering it against diet -related diseases. Eventually, the student receives an Accredited Title as a Health and Therapeutic Nutritionist.

Students enrolled in Healthy and Therapeutic Nutrition will be able to acquire extensive knowledge about the relationship between foods consumed by individuals and its impact on both health and disease conditions. They will also have the ability to regulate the nutritional needs of different individuals depending on age, state of health or type of disease and appropriate therapeutic diet.


  1. To empower nutritionists with sufficient knowledge in the field of health and eating patterns of individuals whose health conditions require nutritional therapeutic intervention.
  2. To conduct scientific research projects in the fields of nutrition that fulfill the needs of the community.
  3. To serve the community by promoting healthy and curative nutrition through workshops, training programmers and awareness-raising talks.
  1. Employing proper healthy nutrition methods in preventing chronic diseases. 
  2. Developing sound nutritional programs that contribute in improving the health status and solving nutritional and health problems in the community.
  3. Use appropriate nutrition intervention methods in treating different diseases and illness.
  4. Determine nutritional needs at each stage of human life.
  5. Identifying research needs in the field of specialization to got results which can help to solve nutritional and health problems in the community
  6. Launching a scientific debate based on scientific evidence on issues related to nutrition.
  7. Communicate with the local community, individuals and institutions, in a way that enables you to play an effective and pioneering role in community service.
  8. Familiarity with methods of preparing, preserving, and eating healthy and nutritionally sound foods.

This program offers a number of job opportunities for graduates in many workplaces as follows.

  • Ministry of Health
  • Government and private hospitals.
  • Health &Nutrition Centers.
  • Nutritional care institutions (e.g. home nursing agencies).
  • Research centers in nutrition, diets and food treatment.
  • Sports centers as (a specialist in the nutrition of athletes)
  •  Palestinian Standards Institution (PSI).
  • Ministry of Education and Higher Education.